BröVan Skateramp Division

Custom Ramp Construction

Tired of driving across town to go to the skatepark? I can help you turn your backyard into your private skatepark. I have been building professionally for 20 years. From custom homes and high end decks to cabinets and furniture in vans, I have built a ton of cool stuff. In the last few years, I have put all that experience into designing and building custom halfpipes in backyards.

Reach out to me for a free consultation and price quote on building your dream ramp in your backyard.



4 Portable Quarterpipes that attach to make 10' wide halfpipe


Ramps For Sale

10' Shop Halfpipe $2,995

10' Wide X 3.5' Tall Portable Shop Ramp

-6' Radius

-3/4" CDX Plywood Templates

-2 Layers of 3/8" CDX Plywood

-1 layer 1/4" Hardboard Skate Surface

-2X4 kiln dried studs 8" on center

-5/8" CDX Plywood Decking with Hardboard on top

-This ramps is made of 4  professionally built quarterpipes.

Each side is made with a  4' section and a 6' section that are connected with continuous 2" schedule 40 galvanized coping. This ramp can be easily taken apart and tilted up for storage in 10 minutes. Heavy duty caster wheels are on the back of each quarterpipe for easy mobility. The ramps can also be assembled back to back to create a tabletop ramp. Delivery available within 50 miles of Reno.